Hi! I’m Don and I started Abandon Expeditions in 2012, to show visitors the beauty and wonder of my Philippines. I want everyone on my expeditions to experience the remoteness of the Northern Palawan, just like I did, having been born and raised right here in untamed Coron. Since the first expedition travelling betwen El Nido and Coron, I have worked with the same crew for the past four years. In fact, we were all born and raised in Coron and know it like the back of our hands, from our previous lives as fisherman in these very waters.

Islands & Seas is our life, our playground, our educator, and will be our last resort. We grew up here, learn the tides and current, we dance with waves, we get our food from it, and we learn how to protect and be friends with both of them.

That’s who we are, we are the Nomad of The Sea a true blood Filipino that born and raise by our fathers on how to mingle with the nature of Marine and Coastal Life, we grew up spending a lot of times how to survive and learn every single details on how to become one true Fisherman.

The regions we visit, had been also the regions of our fathers, which even we are young at age we go with, for fishing. Which a knowledge you will never learn from school, or any university.

Some of us have education to read, to learn, to speak English, but during our Expedition we will try to educate you and show you what life can be in simplicity… That life is very much as a blessing to appreciate every single moment we are breathing, even we don’t have a lot of everything.

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