Schedule of Coron to El Nido Expeditions

Coron - El Nido Expedition (Open)
Tuesday, October 27, 2015 to Friday, October 30, 2015

As we leave the town of Coron, it will be maybe the last time you will be in the crowd of tourist, then we start to discover the mystery of this famous Barracuda Lake of Coron Island, which mixed of 20% salt water and 80% fresh water and change the temperature as you go down deep, well if you can do it in single breath down to 12 meters, then visit the Shipwreck of WWII lying down for 71 years near Coron Island. As we go further down south we will see different and countless island of Coron, Culion, Linapacan, and El Nido that surrounded and made of white sand beaches, cover by clear water an underneath is maybe the most diverse coral reefs and fishes in the world.

We snorkel, cliff jump, cruise, make a bonfire, stargaze, drink, make new friends, and enjoy the amazing tropical paradise experience that maybe change your point of view that life is not all about stress and problems.

After 4 days and 2 nights we finish North East side of El Nido mainland and take the van ride going down to the main town El Nido.

4 Spots Confirmed
8 Spots Open/Available