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El Nido - Coron Expedition

This is expedition will start from the town of El Nido. We'll take a van ride towards the North Eastern Tip of the El Nido mainland. From there, you will start the ride of a life time on our traditional outrigger boat and visit those tiny drops of islands and islets that compose the Calamianes group of islands. The most iconic tropical paradise on the east of El Nido Linapacan Group of Islands, Culion and Coron. These municipalities are famous for their clear water, white sand beaches and tropical colorful corals and fishes that are being protected for almost 25 years due to Pearl Farming.

We shall visit the scattered fisherman villages and experience the simple and happy life of the locals. You can mingle with them, play with the kids and maybe even try fishing the traditional way. And if you get lucky you will see the 71 year-old World War II shipwreck, and the famous Barracuda Lake of Coron Island.

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